What we do

BYSTRUP is a global consultancy adding value to public and private clients on next-generation architecture & design, all over the world. We are passionate about providing sustainable solutions and have solid experience in designing, developing and realizing innovative projects.

To many people, the costs of construction are seen as expenses that should be cut. Consider, on the other hand, how an inspiring building can strengthen public reputation and benefit your company and brand. Similarly, the construction of a bridge can do more than fulfill an infrastructural need - it can become the icon of a city.

The design - the front, lighting, atmosphere, and look – influences customer experience. It is important that this experience reflects the message the company is aiming to send. The right environment inspires and motivates key employees, nurtures their commitment, job satisfaction and productivity. Therefore, careful considerations should go into the design.

“With this house, exuding homeliness and professionalism, we have struck the core of our mission: to create the environment for an optimal work climate.

Here, we are daily reminded that good buildings, pleasant surroundings, and well-thought-out solutions create the foundation for a happy existence.

In this house, the surroundings will provide room for growth, creativity, and development, benefitting the residents and enabling us to solve the vast number of challenges and assignments.”

- Michael Demsitz, CEO, Boligkontoret Danmark, who just moved into Plaza1, one of our latest projects.

At BYSTRUP, we draw on our international experience and the talents of our people to create state-of-the-art constructions that communicate the right message and provide value to our clients.

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